During the fall of 1998 at Rush Medical Center, innovation designer, Armin Moehrle, observed radiologists interpreting medical images. He watched the doctors press and tap the screen before turning away to a keyboard to articulate their findings. When the monitors went dark, a striking fact came to light. Hundreds of fingerprints cluttered the surface of the glass. Realizing that these marks held a wealth of location data all but gone to waste, the would-be inventor snapped a photograph of the spotted screen, considering the question, “what if the act of pointing did the work of both showing and telling?”


After over a decade of research, MEDKEN TOUCH® is the answer. Joined by CTO Mark Thorpe, MEDKEN is a team of radiologists, designers, and software engineers who strictly follow user-centered design principles to create medical knowledge solutions that work.

MEDKEN is proud to be partially funded by the National Science Foundation under NSF awards 0945953 and 1058504.