Health Imaging in the Cloud

Complete, all-in-one solution

MEDKEN Touch® is the only all-in-one Women’s Health Imaging solution in the cloud, a paradigm shifting workflow solution designed to increase revenue, efficiency, and diagnostic accuracy.

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Empowering Patients and Radiologists

Our fully-integrated and patient-centered scheduling, billing, and intake capability, will help reduce patient time at your center, allowing for more efficient resource allocation.

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Patient-centered. Human-centered.

MEDKEN Touch® will allow your radiology center to not only drastically improve patient-care, but to reduce costs and increase mammogram-related revenues by providing a more human-centered service and superior patient communication.

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MEDKEN allows you to focus on what you are best at: finding abnormalities

Annotation-based Reporting

From annotation to full report in seconds.

Our solution integrates reading and reporting, allowing you to generate complete reports with no typing or dictation.

medken annotation-based reporting solution

Eyes on the Image

Our proprietary annotation-based reporting solution allows Regions of Interests to be instantly and directly annotated with a click.

medken annotation-based report

Precision in Reporting

A segmentation algorithm pinpoints the ROI’s position, automatically populating the report fields with exact location statements, and then MEDKEN automatically generates a complete BIRADS compatible report.

medken annotation-based report findings


The radiologist’s findings are easily shared via automatically generated, secure browser-based reports and our HL7 FHIR server.

In a clinical study at the University of Chicago Medical Center,
MEDKEN Touch® software increased productivity by over 21%

Features and Tools


gives patients control over scheduling
allows center to be more agile
easier resource allocation

Patient Data Portal

reduced patient time at center
richer data collection
risk assessment
easy interchangeability of data via HL7 FHIR (coded text)
data is version-based
multi-language support

Annotation-based Reporting

allows reader to keep the eyes on the image
automatic reporting by proprietor algorithms
eliminates sidedness errors
makes communication most efficient
allows for more thorough analytics
easy interchangeability of data via HL7 FHIR (coded text)
data is version-based
multi-language support


patient letter tracking
operational analytics
MQSA reporting
NMD reporting
machine learning


HL7 FHIR billing workflow
compatible with all billing systems that support FHIR

Simplicity and Efficiency

reduce sidedness errors
streamlined workflow
less eye strain by remaining on single screen
complete cloud-based solution
professional integration support

About Medken
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MEDKEN Touch is brought to you by a passionate team of experienced radiologists, human-centered designers, and diligent software engineers.

We are committed to increasing the quality of health care and reducing costs.

MEDKEN supports innovation in health care by fully embracing and supporting open source software development. Our solutions are based on the leading industry standards and open source projects including DICOM, HL7 FHIR, SNOMED, ICD10, OHIF, BIRADS

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